Community tree nurseries (1-for-1 tree Programme)

The trust has a main tree nursery which grows over 100,000 indigenous tree seedling species for
replanting inside the forest. We also support 15 community tree nurseries within the villages that
produce thousands of fast-growing exotic seedlings for on-farm planting. They are managed by
women and youth groups, who assist in on-farm tree planting within the villages. The 1-for1
programme is a partnership between the nurseries and the Trust where community members can
access seedlings at subsidised prices. For each seedling bought, one gets another one free courtesy of
the trust. This way, the Trust ensures continuous and responsible tree growing around the forest, while
sustaining the economic well-being of the groups. This programme has also been extended to nearby
schools through Adopt a tree programme, with an aim of expanding the surrounding tree canopy
cover, and anchoring conservation knowledge to young generations.