Board of Trustees

Our Board of Directors is comprised of 6 chairmen elected by user groups from the 6 CBOs, large scale farms stakeholders and Lewa representative. The Board has formed several sub-committees which are charged with different roles of delivering critical development agenda, policy, stakeholder and donor engagements that are of importance to the Trust.

These include:

  1. Resource mobilization committee
    They ensure that funds flow according to the requirements. This committee is also responsible for increasing linkages between donors and funding/investment opportunities.
  2. Grazing committee
    This committee is appointed to manage, maintain and improve the common grazing areas in the forest. They ensure that all grazers follow the grazing plan as planned. Having this committee is important as it ensures that no resource conflict arises, and that there is enough pasture for everyone at all times
  3. The Livelihood Development Committee
    This is charged with mobilising the communities and ensuring that their views on important development projects are prioritised. The committee draw the community development budget which is incorporated in the Trust Annual Budget every beginning of the year.
  4. Chiefs Forums
    The Trust also engages the communities through Chiefs Forum which is a subcommittee of the board. It was instituted to facilitate channelling the government policy to the people and anchoring the Trust activities on local administration. This enables the Trust to manage security, forest protection and
    curb illegal activities in the forest and surrounding communities.
  5. Conflict Resolution Committees
    This is headed by the Trust, KFS, and local chiefs. Their core function is to reach out to the communities in case of conflicts, to resolve issues related to leadership, governance and equitable forest resource utilisations and therefore leading to more peaceful co-existence between different ethnic communities.