Our Works

Tree Planting

We normally undertake our tree planting programmes both inside and outside the forest. This takes place in all the rainy seasons, where the Trust brings together stakeholders, government, supporters and surrounding communities to plant trees every November-December rain season. This


One of the objectives of the Trust was to act as a catalyst for development on surrounding areas through employment creation. Initially it had 12 volunteers who were drawn from the communities during its formation in 2004. Currently, it has



Key infrastructure supported by the NNFT includes a 26km elephants-proof fence that was installed in early 1990s. The main projective was to alleviate human-wildlife conflicts that were the order of the day during the period. The six strand-fence was later

Education Programme

The Trust introduced school bursary programme to support bright but needy students from the surround six villages. So far 24 students in different secondary schools are being supported on full secondary school scholarships. We also support surrounding schools with books,

Efficient Cooking Alternatives

The Trust introduced home-based biogas systems to families who used to rely on forest firewood for cooking. These are simple-to-install user friendly bio-digesters fed on cow dung which is fermented to produce safe cooking gas. They produce pure, odorless, clean

The Livelihood Development Fund (LDF)

The Trust introduced livelihood programme through which it channels its development agenda to the neighboring villages. Through the fund, ecotourism revenue is shared between the communities’ development and Trust operations costs. It is also through the creation of this programme

Local Community Empowerment and Development

Ngare Ndare Forest Trust is surrounded by six Community Based Organizations who benefit directly from the forest. The communities are multi-ethnic who have different livelihood orientations, where the majority are small scale farmers, followed by grazers, herbalists and honey collectors.

Community tree nurseries (1-for-1 tree Programme)

The trust has a main tree nursery which grows over 100,000 indigenous tree seedling species for replanting inside the forest. We also support 15 community tree nurseries within the villages that produce thousands of fast-growing exotic seedlings for on-farm planting.

Forest Rehabilitation Programme

The forest has a rehabilitation program which aims at planting trees in degraded areas of the forest. This always takes place every year during the rainy seasons where public and private stakeholders come together with the community members to plant

Conservation (Forest, Habitat, Species)

The Ngare Ndare Forest has an area of 5540 hectare of purely indigenous forest which is composed of two main tree species namely African olive (Olea africana) and red cedar (Juniperus procera). The forest has a rich diversity of indigenous