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You become Friend of Ngarendare Forest (FON) immediately you pay for your subscription. By becoming a member, you are joining hands with many individuals all over the world to help NNFT conserve our environment. You and your immediate family will enjoy a year-round to the forest sites. Join the FON as a member or renew your membership today to start conserving this part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Choose your preferred payment method below:

Payment Methods

Please, use the payment method that is convenient for you to pay for your membership (Renewal or new membership)

1. CHEQUES: Cheques should be made payable to NGARE NDARE FOREST TRUST. Depending on your area of residence, you can EITHER post the cheque to us using the below address OR bank it into our account directly.

Ngarendare Forest Trust
P. O. Box, 1704,
60200 Meru Kenya
Cell. +254 722886456
+254 720070120
+254 700412532

Africa Residents: CHEQUES should be posted to us using the address above.

2. Safaricom's MPESA For East African residents, you can pay using Safaricom's MPESA. Follow the following instructions:

a. After scrolling to MPESA on your phone, choose PAY BILL from the MPESA Menu List and enter the business number 143846, then enter the account number NNFT.

b. Enter the amount and then your MPESA secret PIN. Confirm details then press OK. Wait to receive confirmation that the money has been sent to NNFT. Forward the confirmation message to us through the phone numbers above. We will acknowledge receipt and contact you for more information.

3. At our TRUST Offices You can also visit our membership office in Ngarendare Forest, and pay for your membership subscription.

TO BECOME A FRIEND OF NGARENDARE FOREST Friend: Ksh. 15,000/= per year (renewed annually on 5th January). Includes year round access to the forest for you and your immediate family.

Please let the office know that you are coming into the forest in advance to book activities and to confirm availability.

To be a founding member is an additional Ksh. 5,000/= in the first year.

To be a corporate (CSR-Conservation) member is Ksh. 25,000.

Ngare Ndare Forest Trust
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